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Emily White. Idaho. 19.

Agent Orange. 
Stillborn deformed fetuses preserved in formaldehyde at the Tu Du Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City.

ania swiatlowska

George Tjungurrayi
You are flowers in my stomach.
Cutting me open nightly, blooming through the cracks of the ribs.
I only want to be the sun for you.
written by Elke River (via hellanne)


MF008 by ~monstror

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SPOILER: She’s genetically inclined to sleep with her eyes open.

I just fell in love with a poem.
I have a habit of falling in love with souls who have yet to be at peace with their bodies, their minds, their weaknesses. I try to build them, to find the parts of them that are missing in me.
I end up with holes in my chest.
written by Farah Gabdon (via sinceileft)

(Source: netherworldnative, via vinnyvincenzzio)